Phone: (661) 256-1400
118 20th Street West - Rosamond, CA 93560 14 Freeway - Exit Avenue A

Restaurant & Lounge

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Our restaurant is a full service establishment with a separate entrance for our non-gambling patrons. Breakfast is served daily and we are open 24 hours - 7 days a week with daily lunch and dinner specials. We also have a fully stocked bar with expert mixologists ready to serve you!


Our House Steak Dinner Special!
Monday & Thursday Night at 5:00 PM
for only $7.95! Come on in and enjoy great food!
Beginning Thursday, September 18 th

Thursday Night Steak Dinner Specials
will be cancelled for
Thurs., December 18th & Thurs., December 25th
due to the holiday season.

Thursday Night Steak Dinner specials
will resume on: Thursday, January 1, 2015

Promotions & Specials

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